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IBC Poly Spill Pallet SPP105


Ext dimension (H×W×D/cm):90*135*135cm

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It  is used for secondary leak-proof storage of chemical storage containers to avoid splashing or leaking during packaging or storage. Specially used for leakage treatment of IBC square chemical barrels, suitable for anti-spill treatment of medium-sized container;suitable for anti-leakage packaging and storage and transportation of most medium-sized containers.

1. The IBC Poly Spill Pallet is a leakage control device made of 100% polyethylene with seamless structure, safe and reliable;

2. With a large capacity of 298 gallons (1130 liters); acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, it can prevent the hazards caused by chemical liquid leakage effectively;

3. The platform is sturdy and durable, with reinforced curling design around it, which has higher strength and can play the role of anti-collision and anti-cracking;
4. Anti-slip leakage grille is removable and detachable, which is convenient for cleaning and transportation; there are supports in the middle of the tray and the bottom of the grille, which is safer, more reliable and safe to use; the design of the stacked sleeve reduces the storage space and reduces the transportation cost ;

5. IBC has a forklift slot at the bottom of the leak tray, which can be handled by forklift and ground cattle from 4 directions, making the handling easier and faster; it conforms to the EPA 40 CFR264.175 standard and NPDES regulations.
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