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EX Piggyback Flammable Safety Cabinet,17 Gallon,2 Manual Close Doors
Product Size:61*109*46cm
Packing Size:79*120*57cm

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The ex piggyback flammable liquid safety storage cabinet produced by SYSBEL is welded into a double wall structure by 18-Gauge CR Steel, The cabinet structure is stable and durable, it is used to store a variety of flammable liquid chemicals and is suitable for storage of most flammable liquids. The ex piggyback safety cabinet is away from ground areas where ignition hazards such as sparks are likely to occur, It is convenient to place chemicals at work and improve work efficiency. The flammable liquid safety storage cabinet can be standardized and managed in a structured manner. It can store flammable liquids of different natures and dangerous levels to effectively prevent and reduce the risk of human or natural disasters.
Description Parameters Packing Download
1. Using 18-Gauge CR Steel, the spot welding structure double-layer steel plate is 38mm insulation layer in the middle, which has excellent fireproof and heat insulation ability;
2, the shelf can be adjusted to meet the diverse choices of users;
3. The FM-certified wall-mounted safety cabinet fully utilizes the effective storage space, and hangs the cabinet above the workbench, away from the ground area where ignition is easy to occur, and has high safety of use;
4. Get storage space near the work area, and without additional space is occupied;
5. The safety cabinet is installed in the eye-view position for easy access to solvent:
6. The cabinet is provided with ventilation holes, which can be connected to the ventilation system;
7. Adopt three-point linkage type door lock to ensure safe storage in the cabinet;
8. Safety padlock configuration, realize double-double lock management, in line with China's "Hazardous Chemicals Safety Management Regulations" (December 1, 2011 edition).
Safety Cabinet gets FM certificate,CE certificate; Accord with(OSHA) OSHA 29 CFR 1910.106 & (NFPA) NFPA CODE 30
SYSBEL  SCS  Specification
Capacity(Gal/L) Door Type
Packing Size
Adjustable Shelves
Shelf Loading Capacity(Kgs.)
G.W.(Kgs.) Yellow Model Red Model Blue Model
17/64  Two/Self-close 61*109*46 79*120*57 1 50 78 WA810170 / /

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