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PP medicine cabinet ACP810045A
Product Size:180x90x45cm
Packing Size:181x91x46cm

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PP medicine cabinet / reagent cabinet / container cabinet
Product features and application

Porcelain white PP plate, fresh and pleasant, beautiful and generous; with resistant to acid, alkali and corrosion resistance; resistant to acids, alkalis and corrosion resistance; reduce environmental pollution and maintain user health; adjustable shelf facilitates cleaning, it is especially suitable for placing high-concentration acid-alkaline solutions in the laboratory and has superior corrosion resistance. It is suitable for all types of high cleanliness laboratories, such as trace metal laboratories, drug laboratories, biological laboratories, and semiconductor laboratories. It is widely used in chemical, medical, automotive, steel mills, universities, and scientific research institutions.

product manual
1. overall material

Cabinet body: 8mm porcelain white PP (polypropylene) sheet, welded with the same color of the same electrode. Excellent acid and alkali resistance, and excellent weather resistance.
Adjustable shelf: 8mm magnetic white PP plate, surrounded by a vertical edge, the whole side of the vertical welding molding, no scrap pieces together. The overall design is an activity type, which can be randomly selected and placed in a suitable compartment to freely combine the spaces in each floor. Shelives can be placed both positive and negative, placed in the opposite direction, and a certain degree of spill-prevention effect can be obtained on the vertical edges.
2. Door and window system
Handle: It is made of PP material through injection molding. Good corrosion resistance, exquisite appearance and a variety of colors.
Hinge: Made of PP material through injection molding, good corrosion resistance, exquisite appearance and a variety of colors.
Windows: Made of 4mm toughened glass, it improves the extreme cold thermal performance by 2 to 3 times compared to ordinary glass, increases the strength by 3 to 5 times, and greatly improves the safety.
3. Other Accessories:
Adjusting brace: The cabinet body is equipped with 4 adjusting brace as standard, and it can be well positioned even if the ground is not flat enough.
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