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Release Date:2017-11-22
Dear sir, your visit to the Web site is very important to us, but based on the spirit of law, please read the following terms carefully. Browse and / or use the site, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by this clause, and comply with all the laws and regulations, if you do not agree to such terms, please do not use this Web site temporarily.
Notice of copyright, trademark right and information content
SYSBEL and / or its suppliers have an independent right to their registered trademarks and product pictures. The applicability of SYSBEL and / or its suppliers for any purpose in the server to publish documents and relevant information contained in the picture, do not make any statements, release the Web files on the site or the picture may have a technical error or a printing error, the information to be revised on a regular basis, and / SYSBEL or its suppliers may be described on the Web site at any time of the products to improve and correct.
Customer data collected through web site
SYSBEL does not want to receive you through this WEB site confidential or proprietary information, you submit to SYSBEL contact information and information, will be regarded as non confidential, and agree and accept SYSBEL or subordinate enterprises using this information about products, services or activities of the information to you.
Connect to third party web site
SYSBEL doesn't make any statement about any other third party site that you might visit through this Web site. When you visit a site without a SYSBEL system, even if the site contains the SYSBEL logo, please understand that the site is independent of SYSBEL, and SYSBEL cannot control the content of the site. Please be responsible for the possible consequences of your visit..
If you have any doubts or concerns about the terms of use of the site, please contact SYSBEL directly first. Thank you

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