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Copyright Statement

Release Date:2017-11-22
Shanghai Sith Baer Technology Co., Ltd. independently owns all the contents of the www.sysbel.com.cn web site (including but not limited to words, pictures, trademarks, website templates, business information) copyright. All intellectual property rights of all content and services for the development of www.sysbel.com/www.sysbel.com.cn or share with others the ownership or the right to use, these content and services by intellectual property law, applicable copyright, trademarks, service marks, patents or other proprietary rights and the law.
Www.sysbel.com.cn strictly abide by the copyright law of People's Republic of China, without the express written permission of Shanghai Seth Baer Technology Co. Ltd., for any content on the www.sysbel.com.cn website, anyone may not be copied or is in a non www.sysbel.com.cn web server mirroring.
With respect to trademarks and quasi trademarks such as "SYSBEL" and "SYSBEL IS SAFETY", no one shall use it without the written written permission of the Shanghai Sith Baer Technology Co., ltd..
Shanghai Sith Baer Technology Co., Ltd. will resolutely investigate any infringement of copyright and trademark rights according to law.
Hereby declare.

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