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Safety Storage Cabinets--SYSBEL

Shanghai SYSBEL, adhering to innovation, is known as one of the leading safety storage cabinets manufacturers and suppliers. Offering you competitive price, welcome to buy the quality and highly effective products for sale with us. Safety C...

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How did the fireproofing ventilation hole work?--SYSBEL

safety cabinet on both sides of each have a ventilation holes are designed to use fire-proof, you can ensure that the premise of the fire under the effect of ventilation. Long-term storage of chemicals easily volatile accumulation of harmfu...

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Lab Spill Containment Pallets--New Products Pushed by SYSBEL

SYSBEL Lab Spill Containment Pallets provide professional solutions for the accidental leakage in the laboratory,workstation to collect substances leakage when conduct chemical experiment and as a secondary containment storage container.Mod...

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Details & Contrast of Spill Containment Pallets

Spill and leakage risks are major sources of hidden danger in the workplace.SYSBEL Spill Prevention, Containment & Control series, help you to keep the storage environment of oily and chemical drums clean, to effectively prevent and control ...

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Abstract of OHSA Standard--SYSBEL

1. Fire-resistive performance Ensures that inside storage rooms are designed and constructed to meet the required fire-resistive rating for their use. Construction shall comply with the test specifiections set forth in NFPA251-1969,Stardand...

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Corrosive Substance Storage Cabinet-New Product Pushed by SYSBEL

SYSBEL Corrosive Substance Storage Cabinets are made of chemically resistance,8mmpolypropylene(PP)panels for the storage of corrosive substance.The cabinets are divided into two parts for different substances,which make good use of st...

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SYSBEL Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinets

SYSBEL Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinets are constructed of sturdy, 1.2mm steel with a tough powder-coat paint to save compressed gas cylinders (40L). The system with gas leak detector, automatic alarm and fan,which have explosion-proof functio...

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