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Almost 80% People Do Not Know How to Deal with Oil Spills!

1. ASSESS THE RISK From the moment a spill occurs and throughout the response effort, determine the risks that may affect human health, the environment, and property. If possible, identify the spilled material and determine how much has spi...

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Happy Thanksgiving--SYSBEL


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How Can Be Called A Qualified Dangerous Chemical Goods Warehouse?

1. Warehouse planning timber rigorous Hazardous chemical warehouses should use non-thermally conductive refractory materials to do the roof and wall insulation layer, the eaves should be lengthened to prevent the sun into the warehouse; the...

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SYSBEL Note Safety Rules for Flammable Products,You Must Keep in Mind

Safety rules for flammable products: 1. Do not allow flammable substances to be placed near open flames and near the test area. 2. Open flames should not be stored around flammable substances: lit gas (alcohol) lights, burning matches, et...

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Details Of SYSBEL FM Approved Chemical Safety Cabinet

Details of SYSBEL FM approved chemical safety cabinet Functions of SYSBEL chemical safety cabinet 1. Safety storage of hazardous chemicals to reduce the risk of fire and protect workers and equipment 2. Identify, organize, and isolate dange...

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Why chemicals need professional safety cabinet?--SYSBEL

1, make an organized storage of dangerous goods, the realization of the safety management; 2, fire prevention and overflow control, avoid explosion, the delay spread of fire; 3, protector, property and environment safety, provide staff with...

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The Emergency Eyewash Station For Cancer Centre In New Wing

The emergencyeyewash station is a new requirement and does not exist in the current cancer centre location.The need to use the portableeyewash is expected to be rareonly in an emergency situation to wash off hazardous materials, said James...

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