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Instuctions of Emergency Eyewash Stations

Release Date:2019-01-17
● Be assembled and installed in accordance with instructions and adjacent to the employees who may be exposed to hazardous materials so that it take an individual less than 10 seconds to reach the nearest ermegency facility
● Be located in an area identified with a highly visible sign and the area around the facility is well-lit
● The delivered flushing fluid is suitable for drinking,and the water flow is 120-150LPM at a flow pressure of 210kPa.(water temperature:16-38℃ )
● Employees shall be instructed in the location and proper use of emergency eyewash and shower equipment.
● Be positioned so that the showerhead is at least 208.3cm(82in.)and not more than 243.8cm(96in.) from the surface on which the user stands. The center of the spray shall be at least 40.6cm (16in.) from any obstruction
● Nozzle heads are not less than 83.8cm(33in.)and no greater than 134.6cm(53in.) from the surface on which the user stands.
● Accessory outlet is option for installing anti scald valve kit or anti freeze valve kit(not included)
● The injured individual should proceed to the unit and flush eyes,face,even full body for the required 15-minute period
● Closing the emergency facility after use,and ask for the a physician or other appropriate professional with others'help immediately.

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