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How to Deal with Wastes with Self-igniting Materials?

Release Date:2018-10-15
The characteristics of self-igniting items are as follows:
(1) Spontaneous combustion in the air. The occurrence of spontaneous combustion is the result of the accumulation of heat due to the self-heating of the substance and the fact that the heat dissipation rate is unbalanced. Most of self-igniting articles
It is very active and extremely reductive. When it comes into contact with oxygen in the air, it will generate a lot of heat, and it will ignite and explode when it reaches the spontaneous combustion point.
(2) It is flammable and explosive when wet. Some pyrophoric substances can decompose spontaneously or explode if they are exposed to water or moisture.
(3) Accumulated heat and self-ignitability.

After washing the reducing nickel catalyst on the filter paper, throwing the filter paper into the trash can also cause fire. A small amount of waste from spontaneous combustion or waste with self-igniting materials should be collected in a professional fireproof trash can.

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